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The following events are taking place at An Cridhe in 2020 and beyond

An Cridhe issues a regular email bulletin highlighting events in the coming months. If you wish to receive this bulletin, please email us: info@ancridhe.co.uk, or sign up via this Facebook link.

21 Mar 2020: Ayman Jarjour   (presented by Isle of Coll Music Group)
28-29 Mar 2020: Coll and the Cosmos
4 Apr 2020: Fundraiser with ‘The Camans’ for MacMillan
8-10 May 2020: Coll Bird Festival
14 May 2020: One Mississippi – spring tour (theatre)
16 May 2020: Alison McNeill & Sasha Savaloni (presented by Isle of Coll Music Group)

26 May 2020: Dàimh (TBC)
3-5 Jul 2020: Music Coll with Tunnell Trust for Young Musicians
7 Aug 2020: Coll Show
15 Aug 2020: Coll Half Marathon
15 Aug 2020: Hebridean Tri-Island Challenge (why run one island when you can run three? And become Lord or Lady of the Isles

More events will be added as soon as we are notified of them and given the necessary details but you can be sure there’ll be fishing dances, bingo and more.   If you’d like more information on a particular event, please contact the organiser or follow the links.