Development Coll


Development Coll is a community company limited by guarantee with charitable status. The company was formed in April 2006 in order to fulfil the needs of the Island of Coll as set out in the development plan which was drawn up following Community Consultation in 2005. An Cridhe and Coll Bunkhouse are owned and managed by Development Coll for the benefit of the community and the public in general.

Objectives and Activities

The charity was formed:

  • to manage community land and assets as part of the protection and sustainable development of the natural environment.
  • to promote rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation within the Community.
  • to advance the education of the Community about its environment, culture and/or history.
  • to promote, operate and/or support other similar charitable projects for the benefit of the Community.

Other Activities

Development Coll provides administrative and financial (book-keeping) support for three main groups on the island: RecyColl, the Coll Kids Club and the Annual Coll Half-Marathon.